What is S Block wallet?2019-06-21T10:59:28+08:00

S Block is a one-stop digital asset multi-function management platform designed to help users exchange asset more easily using blockchain technology. To support this, S Block specially built ten large ecosystem services: cross-chain multi-currency wallet, wormhole protocol, interplanetary transfer, interstellar loans, savings interplanetary, interstellar quantify, S Pay, wormhole secret chat, gravitational area and DApp contract platform. On this basis, S Block also established the “project side – wallet – exchange” three-way alliance. We hope to use the “top-ten service + first-tier system” ecological strategy to achieve simpler asset flow.

Who are S Block team members?2019-06-21T11:00:12+08:00

S Block team members are from world-class financial centres such as Wall Street, Switzerland, London, etc. Most of them have more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and are early investors in Bitcoin.

Technical teams from Israel and Switzerland are well-known blockchain specialists, have major breakthroughs in the fields of cross-chain technology, mining technology, quantitative trading, etc. We have won several Technology Innovation Awards in the fields of blockchain, R&D, landing application, etc.

What is the difference between S Block Wallet and mainstream wallets?2019-06-21T11:00:31+08:00

S Block wallet shares the characteristics of decentralization with mainstream wallets, in the views of various features and technical aspect, however, S Block wallet, on the base of the original storage function, has created 10 more great services, which are cross-chain multi-currency wallet, wormhole communication protocol, interstellar remittance, interstellar lending, interstellar savings, interstellar quantification, S Pay , wormhole chat, gravitational zone and DApp contract platform.

Allow users not only to use the on-chain wallet for secure storage of digital assets , but also enjoy various unique functions such as quantitative revenue, mining pool revenue, currency lending , encrypted communication, cross-chain transfer, and fast OTC .

Who are the institutional investors of S Block?2019-06-21T11:01:06+08:00

S Block institutional investors are Digital Capital, Cloud Capital and Top Line. These institutes manage over $1 billion worth of fund daily and have decades of history of investment in the United States and are well-known institutional investors in the US.

How legitimate are the S Block team members?2019-06-21T11:01:27+08:00

Both of our consultant team and technical team are real and can be found on the Internet.

Is S Block available for global users?2019-06-21T11:01:44+08:00

S Block are used by users in more than 30 countries, overseas media have reported that S Block wallet is globally available, providing users with many built-in languages. S Block wallet has achieved positive impacts in several countries, there are many users who usually share their experience of using S Block via Facebook.

Is S Block a scam? Will the company run away?2019-06-21T11:02:12+08:00

Since S Block’s earnings from interstellar savings services is amazing, there is no reason to deny the project and run away by a profitable company. Additionally, S Block is running various sustainable revenue business such as quantitative funds, mining pool revenue, lending service, the annual income is far beyond imagination.

Who is the S Block trader?2019-06-21T11:02:35+08:00

S Block wallet is centralized, it creates data blocks which can not be altered, and the data is irreversible. Sensitive information such as users’ private keys not stored on the server, so that users are the traders themselves. S Block is just a wallet tool that assists users in managing private keys.

Is S Block’s brick-moving arbitrage legitimate?2019-06-21T11:03:11+08:00

S Block digital gained great increase in assets through the application of interstellar lending contract in quantification field, with the cooperation with FUND 3, which is the Wall Street top team in digital assets quantification fund. During multiple times of operation authorization through interstellar lending contract, FUND 3 team applied various methods such as trend prediction, high-dimensional data analysis with combination of artificial intelligence technologies, to enhance the accuracy of market timing, and maintain the revenue from integrated product around 50%. In July 2017, S Block obtained 40% of revenue from digital assets quantification through POC.

In addition, high-frequency automated trading is the focus of interstellar quantification, upon discovering any arbitrage opportunities in capital market, it takes interstellar quantification less amount of time than traditional quantification funds, to enter the market. Through interstellar lending contract, the cooperated quantification team can quickly start lever mechanism to increase revenue.

On the foundation of this kind of cooperation, S Block is going to cooperate with the quantification hedge funds of the world’s top 40 profitability in the future, allowing S Block users to participate in sharing the global development dividend.

What is the S Block’s gravitation mapping?2019-06-21T11:04:28+08:00

Wormhole communication protocol is one of the cross-chain encrypted communication protocol, its unique characteristics is that protecting the confidentiality of information during the cross-chain transaction. This is done by decentralized mapping of data. Regarding to the maintaining close relationship between decentralized autonomous communities, S Block’s solution is gravitation mapping, and binding the benefits of the members of the communities through gravity zone and gravity increase design.

Gravity mapping consists of the abilities of gravitation and mapping. Gravitation force is invisible, and mapping is intangible. In the wormhole agreement, the relation between weak ties and strong ties is achieved by encrypted algorithms, at the same time, through decentralized mapping, transaction data and information data are displayed at appropriate position based on user’s needs and the data is untraceable by third parties.

What is S Block’s Interstellar Savings Service?2019-06-21T11:04:44+08:00

Interstellar Savings Service can help users achieve more efficient allocation of assets and generate better revenue. Through Interstellar lending contracts, digital assets can be more securely circulated in the business. S BLOCK digital assets savings can be valued through Interstellar quantification, Masternodes (POS) mining pools and lending operations.

Will the S Block bonus pool burst?2019-06-21T11:05:14+08:00

No, the system benefits of Interstellar Savings Service can solely support market profit distribution, and S Block has a series of other services to generate profit, and continue to create stable income for users.

What profit support does S Block have?2019-06-21T11:05:33+08:00

S Block has Interstellar quantification, MasterNodes (POS) mining pool, lending operation, remittance service, payment service, etc. to support workplace profit distribution.

What is the furnace mechanism of S Block?2019-06-21T11:05:49+08:00

The S BLOCK system has a value release mechanism of automatic and manual destroy of SBO. S BLOCK provides the market with services through the IB409 clause stated in the wormhole agreement, to obtain SBO as fuel, which to be put into the SBO furnace for destroy, thereby releasing the value of SBO. The S Card’s sales revenue will be put into the furnace directly for destroy, while the earnings generated from interstellar remittance and interstellar lending will be used to repurchase SBO, which will then be put into the furnace for destroy. In order to ensure the transparency of the destroy mechanism, the destroyed SBO that was manually repurchased will be deposited into a public address that will not have behaviour of transferring out.

How long will it take S Block to recover the initial capital?2019-06-21T11:06:17+08:00

The digital assets that are deposited at the S Block’s accounts assets can opt for the statement of going in and out anytime and with no return, because the principal is all along owned by the users, the S Block deposited by the users is equivalent to profit.

Will S Block be hacked?2019-06-21T11:06:32+08:00

The blockchain design has very high security and is safer compared to centralized organization. S Block is an on-chain wallet, with security issues being better optimized. S Block adopted multi-signature scheme, which makes user’s assets more secure. User’s on-chain assets are relatively secure, however, the possibility of user’s token being hacked is not excluded, since possibility of hacking can’t even be completely excluded on Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, S Block has top ten DDOS defence technology, to furthest ensure the security of user information, as its defencing capability is world-leading and at the top level.

Is S Block legal?2019-06-21T11:06:50+08:00

S Block is built using blockchain technology, and blockchain is currently recognized internationally. Many countries and governments are also studying blockchain technology. In the future, there will be more enterprises adopting blockchain to improve themselves. Therefore, S Block is completely legal.

What is the use of the S Block furnace mechanism?2019-06-21T11:07:12+08:00

SBO, with the investing property, the factors which affect the price follow the price-influencing pattern of traditional financial standard. Therefore, with the stimulation of the furnace mechanism, the total amount of SBO in circulation would decrease gradually. With the higher popularity in the market and more frequent use of SBO, for example, more user registration and more remittances and transfers, there will be more funds flowing into market and S Block users. However, the use of these services will also lead to the destroy of SBO, as the result, the price of SBO will arise at the same time.

What are the minimum threshold and capping limit for S Block?2019-06-21T11:07:40+08:00

The minimum threshold is $10, capping limit is up to $50,000.

What is the difference between S Block’s pass and wallet’s token?2019-06-21T11:07:55+08:00

S Block fully conforms to the feature of decentralized wallet, users can transfer tokens to various exchanges or other mainstream wallets at any time, this process is open and transparent, block data can be queried, and S Block can be integrated with IM Token wallet. S Block is a secure on-chain storage wallet, with adoption of offline storage technology is. User’s data and private key will not be recorded online. In order to change the device for logging in, users need to recover the identity using mnemonic to retrieve the assets.

How does S Block move bricks intelligently?2019-06-21T11:08:21+08:00

Simply speaking, it is arbitrage through buy-low-sell-high strategy at various exchanges. Adopting high-frequency quantitative technology, which can be considered as a computer program software. It is not subject to the price rise and fall of the currency market, achieving very high and stable revenue, and giving parts of the revenue to the users.

Is S Block risky?2019-06-21T11:08:50+08:00

As a decentralized wallet, S Block is only a tool for user to independently manage the private key. User’s tokens can only be stored on blockchain, and user keeps the private key on their own, controls the risks manually as well as with multi-encryption technologies. Users must keep their private key and mnemonic safe, once the private or mnemonic is known by other people, it means the assets are stolen.

Since S Block has such a high profit model, why should it be distributed to users?2019-06-21T11:09:10+08:00

We are in the era when the economy revolves around users, and S Block only distributes a portion of the revenue to users. As stepping-stone for more applications, promoting economic growth and stimulating domestic demand, S Block will build a new block of blockchain with a strong user base. There will be more room for development in the future.

Is the promotion of S Block legitimate?2019-06-21T11:09:29+08:00

S Block’s publicity is legit and can be found on the media as well as major well-known websites in China and overseas.

What is S Block’s wormhole communication protocol?2019-06-21T11:10:00+08:00

The wormhole communication protocol is the basic communication protocol of the cross-chain technology. It is also the communication bridge between different chains. The local P2S light node is used to obtain the nearest node on the service chain through the asymmetric encryption algorithm of the elliptic curve and the communication permissions of node nearby in-service chain can be got quickly. A unique communication node is formed across the chain by one-way encryption of the data. When the node obtains a communication node that is transmitted from another chain and undergoes one-way encryption, the transaction is back transferred. Finally, the accounts are reactivated on different public chains across the chain to complete the transaction.

What is a mnemonic? What is the mnemonic used for?2019-06-21T11:10:17+08:00

A mnemonic is another form of representation of a private key that helps the user remember a complex private key. The process of generating is done by an algorithm, and the user needs to back up and keep his own mnemonic.

What is a private key? What is the private key used for?2019-06-21T11:10:37+08:00

The private key is an encryption algorithm that uses a private key to encrypt or decrypt data. The private key is also the only proof of holding a digital asset, therefore, the user needs to keep his private key and cannot retrieve it if lost.

How do I transfer mainstream currencies to S Block?2019-06-21T11:11:05+08:00

Users need to transfer their money to the S Block wallet with only the mainstream currency of the exchange or other wallet. After completing the operation, customers need to wait for the blockchain processing. After the account is received, the user can use the Star Savings Service. S Block will provide you with stable value-added services, open profit, and compound interest multiplicity.

What if there is no mainstream digital currency?2019-06-21T11:11:21+08:00

Users can transfer to the mainstream currency through major currency transactions with legal currency transactions, and then use the Star Savings Service by withdrawing money to the S Block wallet.

Which types of mainstream currencies does S Block support?2019-06-21T11:11:40+08:00

S Block currently supports Bitcoin/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, Litecoin/LTC, USDT, SBO, and will support more currency storage in the future.

Why should I reserve a portion of the miners’ fees?2019-06-21T11:11:57+08:00

The transfer of the user is performed by the miner, so you need to ensure that there is enough miner fee when transferring money.

What is S Block’s Star Remittance Contract?2019-06-21T11:12:18+08:00

As a cross-chain contract layer technical support, the StarCrafts contract is the underlying smart contract for building S Block’s C-side services, following Atomic Cross-Chain Trisections (ACCT) and transactions and services (Exchange as a Service, Eaas) principle, in which the underlying ACCT uses the Cosmos core cross-chain code and using the Cosmos Zone and Cosmos Hub to build a chain-to-atom transaction path, such as BTC Chain – BTC Zone – Hub – ETH Zone – ETH Chain. Decentralized matching transactions between large mainstream digital currencies can be realized.

How does S Block’s SBO Certified income be realized?2019-06-21T11:12:37+08:00

Users can choose to redeem SBO into other mainstream digital currencies in S Block wallet (currently support BTC and ETH), or they can cash in to the SBO and then sell them.

Why does S Block download take the domestic enterprise application channel? Can’t download from the app store?2019-06-21T11:13:03+08:00

Due to Chinese policy reasons, the blockchain project is still closed in China, so most blockchain applications will not be able to go to the download channel of the mall, and the famous Chinese exchange currency network cannot be downloaded from the normal channel, hence S Block application needs to be downloaded according to the enterprise channel, and the users of the IOS system need to trust the application to be used normally in the mobile phone settings.

What is S Block’s interplanetary lending contract?2019-06-21T11:13:24+08:00

As the second largest contract layer technical support of the cross-chain, the inter-vehicle loan contract mainly guarantees the automatic transfer of income while ensuring the security of funds through the contract layer to ensure the implementation of the lending. The contract ensures automatic closing and dispense with collection. Lending business is one of the most common businesses in traditional finance. It can effectively enhance value liquidity, amplify capital leverage, and earn considerable spreads.

Why does S Block’s pass increase?2019-06-21T11:14:32+08:00

Because S Block has its own way of profit, including:

A.StarCraft to create a decentralized World Bank, with the help of S Block’s underlying smart contracts, users in all countries can achieve anonymous global remittances with low fees.

B. Inter-satellite lending replaces traditional financial institutions, and its core functions enable the borrowers and lenders to be constrained by smart contracts, realizing the automatic transfer of income while ensuring the security of funds, without the need for collection and automatic liquidation.

C. Interstellar quantification through the cooperation with the FUND 3 team of Wall Street’s top digital asset quantification fund, the interlink loan contract application in the quantitative field to obtain high value-added assets.

D.MasterNodes (POS) mine pool revenue, through S Block’s interstellar smart contract, the mine pool can get more collateral to become the super node of the POS pool, and after getting the voting rights, it will get more high node income.

What is the application scenario of S Block’s SBO Pass?2019-06-21T11:17:26+08:00

As a general pass in S Block, SBO has a total circulation of 680 million. It is common in S Block’s big ecology, the usage scenarios are as follows: payment, collection, cross-chain service, transaction fee deduction, point card discount, currency pledge, eco-fund investment, etc., will increase more in the future.

How does S Block avoid political risks?2019-06-21T11:17:50+08:00

S Block is a Swiss-initiated project that does not support participation in any legal currency. There is no direct derivative income, no cash transactions, and no policy risks.

What are the advantages of the S Block project?2019-06-21T11:19:33+08:00

A.Decentralized secure storage.
B.Dynamic bonus and can let customer throw a sprat to catch a herring.
C.Free capital, unlimited income.
D.Open and transparent process.
E.Double leverage and wealth multiplication.
F.Does not hurt the human network, long-term development.
G.Does not burn, does not cap.
H.Does not cover death, free in and out.

What is the S Block token issuance mechanism?2019-06-21T11:19:59+08:00

The total issuance is 680 million pieces, 50% of which is to open the mining pool business in 2020. The total amount of pre-excavation is 340 million pieces, 20% of which is 136 million pieces of quantitative funds, and 30% in total circulation of 204 million pieces. Among them, 16 million coins for commercial cooperation, 32 million for technical teams, 156 million used for private equity, market circulation, registration rewards and promotion commissions.

How does S Block control risk?2019-06-21T11:20:31+08:00

S Block separates the hot wallet and cold wallet, encrypts the hot wallet multiple times, stores the cold wallet offline, and the user keeps the private key. The user can import the wallet where the prepared out-of-chain assets are located. The process is completely decentralized, and the user operates the transaction through the multi-signature verification will make the transaction successful, and the server adopts multiple technical defence. For the DDOS attack S Block, there are more than ten defence schemes to ensure the security of user assets.

When is the S Block decentralized exchange going online?2019-06-21T11:20:48+08:00

To build a decentralized exchange is a very important strategic deployment for S Block. S Block will promote the market with multiple functions, accumulate user base and develop a number of technical solutions. The specific time is waiting for the official announcement. Please pay attention to the inspection. Official information notice.

What is the future prospect of S Block?2019-06-21T11:21:05+08:00

S Block will continue to build multi-domain applications and expand global smart payment, financial industry, real estate industry, gem industry, bird’s nest industry, insurance industry, etc. S Block’s mission is to build the strongest and strong foundation and facilities of the digital asset industry. To provide digital asset enthusiasts with the highest quality, safest, most convenient and most efficient services, popularize the application of blockchain technology in all walks of life, open up the blockchain life all the way, leading the new era of change.

Will S Block register send candy?2019-06-21T11:21:29+08:00

There are a total of 156 million S Block registration rewards and promotion commissions. Users can get candy by registering and promoting.

Is S Block a Blockchain Project?2019-06-21T11:21:56+08:00

S Block is a decentralized wallet based on blockchain technology. The digital assets stored by users are all in the chain, providing users with secure storage while providing users with stable revenue.

Why invest in SBO Token?2019-06-21T11:22:23+08:00

As the general Token in S Block, SBO has a total circulation of 680 million. Common in the S Block ecosystem, the usage scenarios are as follows: Payments, collections, cross-chain services, S-KEY purchases, transaction fee deductions, point card discounts, currency pledges, eco-fund investments, etc. Services will increase in the future.

How is SBO Consumed?2019-06-21T11:23:20+08:00

In order to experience the high return of interstellar savings, users use SBO to activate the S Card service. The lottery prize pool encourages the consumption of SBO, users who enter each stage will have a certain chance to get very high SBO incentives. Only SBO is accepted as a transaction fee in the trading platform of S Block. SBO is used for the settlement of bonuses in S Block’s entire business model, meaning that all participants will hold many SBOs. The upper pledge will charge a certain number of SBOs.

What is the Destruction Mechanism of the SBO?2019-06-21T11:23:16+08:00

All SBOs consumed by users to subscribe for S-KEY and activate S Card. The profit of some eco-services will enter the furnace for destruction and release the value of SBO. The proceeds from StarCraft and Inter-Star Lending will be directly used to repurchase SBO and Destruction. The platform will use 10% of the profits per year to repurchase SBO for destruction, until the total amount is controlled at 100 million.

How Many National Registrations Does S Block Support?2019-06-21T11:26:03+08:00

S Block is launched in Switzerland and supports all countries in the world to register and log in, regardless of regional restrictions.

How Does the S Block Wallet mport the Im Token Wallet?2019-06-21T11:25:52+08:00

A.Click on asset management.
B.Click to import wallet.
C.Select import method (mnemonic/private key).
D.Import successfully.

How to Get Started?2019-06-21T11:26:39+08:00

(1) Download and register S Block StarCraft, register as a user and store digital assets in your wallet
(2) Current mainstream currencies can be stored: BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT

How to Become a “Fans”?2019-06-21T11:27:23+08:00

– Start the “S-KEY” Master Staking in the wallet, the minimum of 10 US dollars, that is, become a “fan” and start to enjoy 0.2~0.5% of “personal daily quantitative income” (monthly income 6~15%). “Personal Daily Quantitative Income” is settled at the current digital asset price at 00:00 am (GMT+2) in Swiss time and is capped at the start-up unit price.


Use 1 BTC to start the S-Key master node revenue at 12:00 pm. The unit price is $7,000 at startup and the daily revenue is 0.3%.

Scenario 1: When the settlement proceeds at 00:00 am, the BTC unit price is $6,000. Revenue = $6,000 x 0.3% = $18

Scenario 2: BTC unit price $8,000 revenue = 00 000 x 0.3% = $21

– “Personal Daily Quantitative Revenue” will be automatically converted into SBO Pass and will be deposited into the Fan Block Chain Wallet at the current price.

– Since it is a “follow-in” system, the principal of the main node will be canceled at any time, and the deductible fee (5% of the 30 days after the start, 1% of the 31st day after the start) will be directly saved. Into the player blockchain wallet.

What is S Block’s “Gravitational Wave Gain”?2019-06-21T11:31:20+08:00
Gravitational Wave Gravitational Wave Gain* Compliance Regulations
First Wave Daily Volatility Revenue for all 1st Wave of Individuals x 100% Directly Map 1 “Comet”
2 ~ 10 Waves All 2 to 10 Wave Personal Daily Quantified Earnings x 10% Directly Map 2 to 10 “Comets”
11t ~ 15 Waves All 11 to 15 Wave Personal Daily Quantified Earnings x 5% Directly Map 11 ~ 15 “Comets”


Start the “S-KEY” with a minimum of $300 (up to $50,000), which is promoted to “Comet”. In addition to personal daily quantified earnings. The comet turns on the “Gravitational Wave Gain” as follows:

* “Users” and “Fans” do not generate Gravitational Wave Gains

What are the “Planets”, “Stellar”, “Galaxies”, “Circle” and “Gravity Area Gains”?2019-06-21T11:33:55+08:00


– Comet directly maps 15 comets
– The total value of the S-Key in the gravitational area (the sum of the 15 waves start values, the fans do not count) reaches $200,000, which is the “planet”, and the additional “Community Revenue”. All players in the gravitation zone (fans do not Calculate the total daily quantified return of the individual x 5% (infinite wave)



– Direct mapping of 15 comets
– Three other planets are cultivated in the gravitational zone (required from 3 different maps, 15 waves), which is promoted to “star” and additionally enjoys gravitational area gain x 10% (infinite wave). Partial income calculation of the planet’s gravitational zone in the gravitational zone = (10 – 5) % = 5%



– Direct mapping of 15 comets
– Three other planets are cultivated in the gravitational zone (required from 3 different maps, 15 waves), which is promoted to “star” and additionally enjoys gravitational area gain x 10% (infinite wave). Partial income calculation of the planet’s gravitational zone in the gravitational zone = (10 – 5) % = 5%



– Direct mapping of 15 comets
– Three other galaxies are cultivated in the gravitational zone (required from 3 different maps, 15 waves), that is, promoted to “Huanyu” and enjoy the gravitational area gain x 15% (infinite wave). Partial income calculation of the gravitational zone in the gravitational zone = (15 – 5) % = 10%; part of the gravitational area of ​​the gravitational zone in the gravitational zone = (15 – 10) % = 5%; part of the gravitational zone of the galaxy in the gravitational zone is gravitational Area income given
– Universal enjoys Interstellar Revenue ~ the global total daily quantified return x 5%, in a shared mode, released once a year, allowing the global ring to share the target days and the total value of revenue

What is the S Block Loyalty Revenue ?2019-06-21T11:37:47+08:00

Starting from the planet players, when players encounters the same level of players in the gravity zone, Platform will active players “loyalty revenue income” (the player if the same level must be within 15 waves), the details are as follows:

~ Plane   à Plane   = 3%

~ Star     à Star      = 3%

~ Galaxy & Universe  à Galaxy & Universe  = 3%

The sum of daily quantified income of individuals in the gravitational zone of peers

What is the Development Path of S Block?2019-06-21T11:38:23+08:00

What is the Principle of the S BLOCK main node gaining so high?2019-06-21T11:40:03+08:00

SBO will be put on the decentralized exchange, there will be more users to buy and sell transactions, and the land-based ecological application created by S Block will also promote the market, the market circulation speed will be accelerated, through staking pledge, furnace mechanism, savings deposit, etc. Market liquidity, and through S Pay Eco, Dapp contract platform, cross-chain trading, advertising services and other stimulus needs, SBO as a new investment currency standard will continue to increase value, just like Bitcoin, increased by 26 million in 8 years Times, the income of Treasury is actually not high at all, but it is not open yet, so stay tuned.

After starting the S-KEY master node revenue, can the startup value (principal) be raised at any time?2019-06-21T11:40:49+08:00

S Block’s withdrawal mechanism is on the go, users can submit their own assets at any time.

~ Within the first 30 days of starting S-KEYs, cancel the S-KEY fee = 5%;
~ Start S-KEY on the 31st day, cancel S_KEY handling fee = 1

Does S Block have an International App?2019-06-21T11:41:35+08:00

S Block is globally launched online. Users in any country can use S Block wallet to support user registration in various countries around the world and support switching in 6 languages ​​to provide users with the high-speed and efficient storage payment platform.

Is SBO an Air Coin?2019-06-21T11:43:11+08:00

The SBO appreciation logic is very clear, the application scenarios are rich, but any digital currency has a bubble, SBO is no exception, but with the further improvement of the ecology, SBO will replace the legal currency into a new currency commodity, leading the world economy into a new certificate. In the era of economy 3.0, SBO will lay the foundation for the ultimate popularization of digital currency, allowing digital currency to be accepted and recognized by more people through interconnection and interaction.

What are the high-tech investments in the S Block Wallet?2019-06-21T11:44:02+08:00

S Block has the resources of many research projects in the world’s top universities, and they have in-depth cooperation and incubation, among which three are preferred: Stanford University Blockchain Research Center, MIT Media Lab, and Cambridge University Alternative Finance Center. More projects are online.

Who should I look for when I encounter a problem at S Block?2019-06-21T11:44:20+08:00

There will be various tools, templates for various materials, and templating tools to solve various problems. There is a problem with the server APP, you can check the relevant instructions in the built-in help center. Market questions can be consulted by referrals or relevant instructors. The community will update the online WeChat class. In the future, the bilingual international air class will be wired. Users can also choose to submit questions within the community.

What is a Blockchain?2019-06-21T11:45:07+08:00

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network, Internet technology revolutionary technology, using block data security and trusted network architecture, the characteristics of blockchain are decentralized, immutability, consensus mechanism, distributed data storage, peer-to-peer network.

What is Bitcoin?2019-06-21T11:45:25+08:00

The concept of Bitcoin was originally proposed by Nakamoto Satoshi and was the first global decentralized encrypted digital currency.

What Does Decentralization Mean?2019-06-21T11:45:52+08:00

It is not controlled by any organization. It relies on a set of decentralization mechanism to gradually write data into this mechanism. All of them jointly maintain a database, and the system automatically sets the reward mechanism and mining mechanism.

How Does SBO Transfer Money?2019-06-21T11:46:19+08:00

After entering the S Block and the specific wallet (eg IM Token), click on the transfer and enter the recipient’s address, transfer amount and absenteeism fee to determine that the miner will pack the data into the block after payment, and enter the block and confirm with at least 6 signatures. Make sure that the transaction history is not tampered with and the minor completes the package and the transaction process ends.

What is the Difference Between SBO and Q coins?2019-06-21T11:46:45+08:00

SBO is a circulation token in the public chain based on blockchain technology. It has the characteristics of decentralization and cannot be tampered with. The ownership belongs to the holder. The Q currency is the electronic credit issued by Tencent Group. Its price is set by Tencent. Tencent has its ultimate ownership. Q currency does not use blockchain technology. It relies on Tencent Group as a credit endorsement for Tencent. Used by its platform.

Why are SBO’s Coin-collecting Addresses Letters and Numbers?2019-06-21T11:47:16+08:00

The letter plus number is equivalent to the bank card number, and all users with the currency supported in the wallet can transfer money to you. It also supports the transfer of wallets.

What is a Miner and Why is there a Miner?2019-06-21T11:47:44+08:00

The miner is equivalent to the bookkeeper. Every transaction of the user needs to be confirmed by the miner to ensure the security of the payment. In order to maintain sufficient nodes (miners) in the network to ensure decentralization and security, the system requires the user. The miners need to pay a certain fee to the miners, and the miners prefer to pay the transaction data with more miners’ fees for pre-packaging.

Can you give an Example of an Interstellar Loan Contract?2019-06-21T11:48:17+08:00

The borrower over-mortgage 248 SBO, lending 0.47 ETH, repaying 0.5 ETH after 1 year, redeemable 248 SBO, and the annualized interest of the loan is 6%. The depositor deposits 0.5 ETH on a regular basis, and after 1 year, the principal and interest are 0.53 ETH, and the annualized interest is 6%. All are automatically executed by the contract, S BLOCK can achieve 0 spread.

If after 1 year, the borrower has not paid back, then S BLOCK will refund the borrower’s mortgage 1 ETH minus 0.47 ETH and the remaining 0.53 ETH as the principal and interest to the depositor, and everything will be automatically executed by the contract.

What is S Card?2019-06-21T11:48:40+08:00

S BLOCK will issue an S Card that supports digital asset payment through StarCraft, and a world-renowned payment institution such as Master and Visa. Cardholders can obtain S Cards by bunting BTC, ETH, LTC, and other digital assets through S BLOCK. On the SBO’s consumption quota, the merchants who support the S Card collection will consume the goods, and the digital assets in the pledge will generate the SBO income to be distributed to the cardholder.

What is S POS?2019-06-21T11:49:03+08:00

S POS stands for StarCraft POS mining machine, which supports S Card collection digital currency collection tool. At the same time, S Pos is also a consensus mechanism. Each S POS mining machine is a POS (Proof of Stake) node. The revenue distribution of the node can be obtained by the SBO (which can also be obtained by the payment) deposited in the S POS account. The longer you hold, the higher your SBO reward will be. Take out the SBO in the account, and the interest as a node will stop.

How Does StarCraft ATM Work?2019-06-21T11:49:27+08:00

S BLOCK provides the self-operating and agent operation services of StarCraft ATM. In addition to the communication transmission service, StarCraft ATM as the super node of S BLOCK wormhole protocol can also be used as the super node to obtain S POS Staking reward, participate in super node voting and dig. mine.

What is a Decentralized Wallet?2019-06-21T11:50:06+08:00

A wallet is a tool for storage and payment. In order to protect the security of digital assets, all transactions need to be carried out on the blockchain. The user’s assets are in the chain and cannot be misappropriated or transferred by others. The centralized wallet will not record the user’s. Asset information and private key. Once the private key is lost, the platform will not be able to assist in the retrieval. It is necessary to keep the private key and mnemonic of the asset.

What is a Private Placement, does SBO have a Private Placement?2019-06-21T11:50:31+08:00

Private equity (ICO) is open financing to corporate investors or individual investors. SBO does not have private placements and does not issue foreign direct foreign currency. All SBOs are SBO ecological rewards.

What are the main applications of SBO Pass?2019-06-21T11:51:01+08:00

Wallet built-in DAPP application, landing ecological scene application, financial application, charity application, Internet of Things application.

What is the Star Remittance Agreement?2019-06-21T11:51:21+08:00

The Interstellar Remittance Agreement is an attempt by S Block to use the global liquidity of digital currency to solve the problem of high cross-border remittance costs in the physical world. The whole process is transparent to the user, and the user only feels the French currency. The handling fee is composed of the handling fee of the OTC service and the currency transaction service, which is less than five thousandths, far lower than the one-two percent of the wire transfer fee, and the good flow of transactions through the digital currency OTC and the currency. Sex, the remittance cycle can be shortened to the date of remittance.

What is the basic concept of S Block?2019-06-21T11:51:41+08:00

As the world’s first cross-chain public chain, S Block is committed to solving the contradictory relationship between digital assets and non-interoperability through the underlying wormhole agreement and contract layer inter-star remittance contract, inter-satellite loan contract, through S Block multi-currency wallet application. It is a perfect solution to the historical problem of digital assets being disconnected and low liquidity of digital asset applications. As a decentralization concept, digital currency is highly community-based and self-contained. As a cross-chain technology application, S Block will start from deepening the value-added business of digital currency assets through the wormhole agreement and inter-city contract. The advantages of blockchain in data encryption, internet freedom, decentralization, and a highly self-contained community unite to create a freer decentralized world.